Perhaps, the study of appearance and character of a person in a foreign language is one of the most extensive and interesting topics. Indeed, within its framework, we learn to describe each other, our habits, characteristics and features. When starting to study foreign words from this section, it would be more correct to divide the material into 2 components: external data and character (psychological characteristics).

It is better to start learning foreign words with external characteristics, because they are visual and, therefore, better remembered. Start with a description of the face: learn how the nose, mouth, eyes, cheeks, ears, hair sound in a foreign language ... Approaching the mirror, remember that we are learning words about appearance and character, so constantly repeat the material covered - this will help you better and quickly acquire the acquired knowledge. You can also use special educational cards or audio recordings.

When you can freely talk about the face in a foreign language, move on to the body. Learn how your height, physique sounds. Within the framework of the same topic, you can simultaneously learn new words about clothes and shoes. So you can give a full description of your appearance every day, repeating the words you have learned and memorizing new ones.

The appearance and character of a person in different languages sound differently, and the study of these sections takes enough time, however, to begin with, remember the basic terms from one foreign language, and over time, you can expand your knowledge by studying others.

When talking about character characteristics, try to start small: for a start, you just need to remember how the common terms “evil” and “kind”, “calm” and “active”, etc. sound. Having learned the basics, you can replenish the list of words about a person’s appearance and character with new characteristics, more complex and thematic.

Studying appearance and character with children

It is very interesting to conduct foreign language lessons within the framework of the topic “character and appearance” together with children. If you have a group of kids, you can split them into pairs. Let each child in the pair take turns talking about the character and appearance, first of himself and then of the other. So the children will get to know each other better, and foreign language lessons for the little ones will become fun and bright.

After learning list of words - personality and his appearance - move on to other topics, however, regularly return to the material covered, review it and expand your vocabulary so that you can easily express your thoughts in the language being studied. This approach to learning will certainly give a positive result!