To be able to communicate in any language, it is very important to have a decent vocabulary. On this page of the site you can thoroughly study English words on the subject of "clothes".

Many words about clothes are borrowed from other countries. And this is not surprising because each country is distinguished by its culture, its customs, and it is not surprising that each country has its own special names for clothing. The names of clothes in different languages ​​can also be the same in different languages - making it much easier to learn such words than others.

Let's learn words on the topic - clothes.

Check out the list of words below, in English and many other languages, and choose exactly the words that you will use most often. It is with them that I would recommend you start learning. Since the words that you need most of all you will be able to remember more easily. So you will have a "fuse" in order to finish studying the words on the subject of clothing to the end.

Clothing words are very useful for everyday use, so be sure to pay attention when learning this topic. After all, the learned words will be useful to you more than once in everyday life. Look around us so many interesting words about clothes. These are jeans, and shirts, and T-shirts, and many others.

This list of words about clothes is the most practical to study, as it does not include such rarely used words as JABOT and so on.

No one requires you to learn foreign languages ​​100%, but vocabulary building is the very foundation. So be patient and persevere. After all, the time you invest in training will definitely pay off in the future!

Our lists of words are useful because there are really many of them and you do not have to look up the necessary names from different sources. You will find everything you need to study clothing subjects here.

The second positive thing is that all the words are grouped into one topic. And not just grouped, but selected words that are the most useful and popular in everyday life.

There are 2 popular options for better memorization of foreign words.

  • Fill in gaps in words

You will need a partner or teacher for this exercise. When one person reads words to you in the language you are studying, but at the same time skips a couple of letters (you can only one). The second person needs to repeat this word, but already correctly. This exercise can be done both orally and in writing.

  • Foreign crossword puzzle

The second method also requires two people. Only this method will be more time consuming. But it's more interesting. So, the point is - one person takes a card, and without showing it to you begins to suggest what kind of word it is. From the outside, it still looks like a popular irga called "crocodile". The only difference is that you need to answer in another language. But keep in mind that this method is already intended for honing skills. And not for learning words from scratch. Since it will be very difficult for you to say a word in English - if you do not remember exactly its translation.