I bring to your attention one more topic in the study of foreign languages. I am sure that you have already managed to study a lot of topics that you found most useful. Now it's time to learn words about berries.

This article is about just that. And in the near future you will be able to get acquainted with the name of various berries and their translation into all languages of the world.

Berries in different languages

Probably the most appetizing topic of all that you will have to study is the topic about berries in different languages of the world. After all, from the mere memory of juicy, ripe, soft berries, the whole mouth fills with saliva.

An interesting fact is that in English the berry (that is, berry) is found in the names of almost all berries. Just like in the names of nuts. But after a while, you will see for yourself.

Learning the names of berries

The names of the berries sound no less sweet than they taste. For example: raspberries, strawberries mmm.. And berries in different languages of the world also sound appetizing. Although there is a difference in the names of berries even within the same language. After all, it is worth considering different dialects. They are in all countries. That is, in different regions of the same England, the same berries can be called absolutely differently. This difference is especially visible between the names: England, Scotland and the USA. They all speak English, but these languages are still different. And the difference is the use of different dialects. So do not be surprised if you hear somewhere another translation of a word you know. The list of words on the topic of berries is quite narrow compared to other topics, which means that learning this list will be easier and faster.

Most people love the same berries (some more, some less), and often when communicating with someone, we use words about them. And it is precisely in order to communicate on an equal footing with a foreigner that you need to know the names of the berries.

Learning about berries in all languages

Cards for learning words on the topic of berries, and in principle on any other topic, make it easy to learn any language. And if you have repeatedly tried to become a polyglot, or at least more or less know the same notorious English, but you could not do it. Now the situation can be radically changed. After all, this method makes it easier to learn a huge number of words. This is most noticeable in children. They like this method very much. Although a lot of adults are happy to use interesting pictures. For adults, bright pictures are just as effective as for children. It is visual memory that allows you to remember the names of berries much faster.

You will really need the acquired knowledge if you want to correspond with foreigners. Or would you like to write a cookbook that would be expensive to sell it abroad J. Or maybe you have plans to go abroad, but without a language - nowhere. In any case, you will not be left without the most delicious in the restaurant. Having learned the words, you will be able to communicate with any seller in the foreign market. Where you can successfully buy sweet berries. Have fun learning!