A fun rainbow for kids

Not all parents have an intuitive pedagogical gift, so many may have difficulty how to properly lead the process of teaching their baby, who has already begun to pay attention to objects and their characteristics. Our site provides support materials that will help you figure it out. In addition, we learn colors online, which helps a lot in the process of education.

Practically applying the advice of leading teachers, we have brought the learning process to an easy and fun form. This is how we learn colors: games with children, interesting pictures and educational cartoons. The child is drawn into the process without noticing it. At this stage, it is the play form that is important, which pleases the child and turns the study of colors for kids into an entertaining activity.

Colors are what the baby begins to perceive almost immediately after birth. More and more knowing the world around him, he begins to understand the difference in shades. Therefore, when asked when to start learning colors for children, the answer is as soon as he learns to communicate with people around him.

The child perceives the world as a whole. If you show him a green cube, he will determine not only the shape, but also the color. Therefore, the study of colors for kids is carried out in conjunction with the study of the basic concepts of the world around us. This is confirmed by the famous teacher Glen Doman. He developed a methodology for learning colors in combination with objects. Teaching aids are called so - Doman cards, colors and objects on which are studied at the same time.

In an interactive mode, we learn the colors of the rainbow together with you. This beautiful natural phenomenon is a natural specimen of the full spectrum. The names will be remembered by the child while watching an educational cartoon.

Learning color for toddlers will bring joy to both students and their parents who notice the progress of their baby. The site presents games for children, the colors of objects in which are studied imperceptibly for the child, because he is included in the cognitive process with passion and interest. Be sure that your kid will want to play educational games again and again, while gaining useful knowledge along with pleasure.