If you don't think about it, then words on the topic of family may seem quite few. But if you consider all the relatives, then it is easy to understand that the words on this topic are simply strong-strong. After reading this article, you will learn many words on the topic of family in all major languages of the world. Of course, there won't be all the words here. Since it would be very difficult to try to learn all the words from this topic at once. After all, the topic is very extensive. Our site offers a selection at the highest level.

Family is written and sounded differently in different languages of the world. This is probably the very native word that evokes only warm, pleasant and bright emotions inside everyone. Therefore, learning words on the topic of family is a little easier than others, since this word is pleasant to hear and speak.

We study the list of words about family

The topic of the family can be deservedly called one of the main ones. Because it is at least one of the most important elements in every person's life. The good news is that it is very easy to remember most of the words related to family. Here you will find the main words on this topic, and the rest is up to you!

The list of words about family is not limited to the closest relatives: mom, dad, sister or brother (who has how). Here you will be able to view all the words that are on the topic of family.

Relatives in other languages

The closest people are considered to be blood relatives, that is, relatives. How do the following native words sound: mom, dad, son, etc. everyone should know for sure. We have provided all the necessary information in the form of tables, so that it would be easier for you to remember all the words on this topic. Family members in all languages of the world are written with different letters, but they are united by the same good word - family. For comparison, see how relatives are written in other languages. And you will be able to see certain similarities in many languages. In addition, you can feel that these words only seem difficult. And in practice, teaching them is quite simple. These words will, as they say, fly away from the teeth.

On other sites, translations of words in such languages as German, French, Italian and many others are sorely lacking. But these are the most popular languages after English. And you should not forget about them at all. Therefore, on this resource, all visitors are given the opportunity to learn words in a huge number of languages. We hope that the chosen words will be most useful for our reader. In many languages, the gender of words is very important, so it is extremely problematic to provide a high-quality translation automatically, but it is no less interesting to study such words.

Here are all the words for any level of study. Starting from a simple beginner and ending with a master of words and a well-deserved polyglot. And in principle, the method itself is very practical for learning any language, be it English or Chinese. Although, of course, it is not for me to judge, but rather for you.