We develop with the baby - we study the seasons!

The child perceives the changing seasons in his own way. In the eyes of children, the seasons look like a fabulous kaleidoscope with changing pictures. Even if the child is still too young and has not learned to distinguish between winter and summer, he certainly feels that something is changing in the world around him. The task of the mother is to explain to the child what the seasons are, and in what order they change.

Start to study with the baby - learn the names of the seasons

Mom should explain to the baby what name each season has. For this purpose, the best option would be a large colorful calendar that reflects the natural phenomena inherent in each month. Explain to the child that warm summer, fruitful autumn, snowy winter, drip spring are periods of three months, successively replacing each other. Every day, repeat with your baby what time of year it is. Ask your child to draw a picture of what he remembers last summer. Ask the baby what signs in his drawing can be used to understand that this is summer!

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The seasons for children are not just three calendar months. This is the first day in kindergarten, mom's birthday, a trip to the New Year tree. Remember with your child when he celebrates his birthday. What did the baby see outside the window that day: was it snowing, were the birds singing, were drops ringing, etc.

Developing flashcards are the best way to learn the seasons

Children's pictures "seasons" are best studied in a playful way. Explain to the child what natural phenomena are characteristic of summer and winter, autumn and spring. Then show the baby pictures depicting the seasons. Let the kid name what time this or that natural phenomenon is inherent in. If the child has learned the basics of a foreign language, prepare cards for him depicting seasons in English. The name of each season in English should be signed on the card, so it will be easier for the child to learn the material.

Create with your baby!

Studying the seasons, pictures for children will be the best way. Such materials can be made independently with the baby. Select one central object in the drawing, such as a tree. Draw four drawings with your child showing a tree at different times of the year: in winter it is covered with snow, in spring with young leaves, etc.

It should be remembered that you need to start classes with the baby when the child has an interest. Pictures will help you in learning the seasons with your baby, both in English and in Russian.

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