Children's counting

Numbers are a system of characters for writing corresponding numbers (“words”). You can start teaching your child numbers and numbers when he starts talking. Let's learn numbers with kids in a fun way to make learning fun.< /span>

What different numbers

Arabic numerals are used in many countries around the world. In order for children to quickly learn how to write them correctly, adults came up with prescriptions. The use of copybooks will help develop writing skills in toddlers. Numbers for kids can be colored in coloring pages.

Little children, like a sponge, learn quickly. In kindergartens, kids today learn foreign languages. It will be easy for children to write numbers in English if they have already mastered the familiar Arabic numerals. They will have to learn how the numbers are called in English and how the numbers are written in words.

Learning to write numbers in German is easy for kids. Kids already know them: they are the same as English numbers. Children enjoy playing different games such as Learning Numbers where they have to count toys and objects in pictures in a foreign language.

But if you take the Greek numbers, they are completely different. To learn how to write them, you have to work hard. These are not French numbers,which are exactly like Arabic.

Let's count together

You can't say that there are a lot of numbers. But they are all different. Some have curls, others have ponytails. Some look to the left, others look to the right. How can a baby remember them and not confuse them? In fact, it is not at all difficult if the learning process is made accessible and interesting. You can start counting on your fingers. If a child masters counting in this form, it will be much easier for him to learn both the written notation for numbers and how the numbers are written in words. And you can count almost everything: cars on the street, girls and boys on the playground, birds on a branch. You can learn numbers using the clock face. For example: 7 o'clock - time to get up!

Let's learn funny poems about counting for children with them. Children will quickly learn both ordinal counting and reverse counting.