Fun week for the kids. Learning the days of the week.

Young children are very inquisitive. They love to ask a lot of questions. For their interest in everything that happens, they are often called "Why". If the child is interested in the days of the week, then he deserves encouragement. This means it's time to learn. To make classes with kids interesting and not boring, it is necessary that the learning process is accompanied by the display of visual materials. Entertaining games will help preschoolers remember the days of the week easier. It all starts with a bright and memorable explanation.

Introduction to the days of the week, names. Working days and weekends.

The child needs to be told that there are seven days in a week. It is important that children be given information about how all of them are called right away. Then the kids will gradually learn the name of the days of the week, and at the same time they will practically not get confused. The child needs to be explained that days are different. Working days - from Monday to Friday (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) when adults need to work, and children need to study or go to kindergarten. And weekend days - Saturday and Sunday - rest time, when all family members can relax at home. For clarity, make a circle out of cardboard and divide it into 7 parts. Number and sign them, draw some kind of activity that you do that day. For example: Sunday - walk in the park. In the middle of the circle is a rotating arrow that can be easily pointed to any day of the week for kids.

Learning is a creative process

The days of the week for children are easier to learn if they are memorized along with rhymes. Learning poems with useful information is a fun and exciting activity. It is best when you have the appropriate picture at hand. Children like to learn rhyming lines, emotionally colored about those cases that are familiar to them.

“On Sunday I rested - I was very tired!”

We teach with children how many days in a week until the kids learn this material. Very soon you will rejoice in the success of your little students. They will tell you the names of the days of the week. For children, learning and learning with you is the joy of learning.