Learning a foreign language only at first glance seems like a difficult task, which cannot be solved without a specialist. In fact, each of us can master a foreign language, and it is not at all necessary to resort to the help of tutors. It is enough to choose an effective methodology and follow in detail everything that the author advises, painstakingly working and conscientiously fulfilling all the points.

Learning any language is basically about expanding your vocabulary on a regular basis. To systematize this process, it would be correct to break the lessons into the study of groups of words related to the same topic. For example, learning new words on the topic “home” is best broken down into the following topics: living room, kitchen, bedroom, nursery, corridor, bathroom, toilet, pantry, etc. Within the framework of each topic, we will get acquainted with everything that surrounds us.

Methods of learning foreign words for adults and children

After studying the words and phrases about the rooms, we go to the bathroom. It should be noted that the bathroom sounds different in all languages of the world, however, this is not scary - we are studying the material within the framework of one language, and not all at once! If we are talking about learning a foreign language for the little ones, then it would be useful to prepare in advance colored cards with bright, memorable pictures containing a list of words about the bathroom. In the learning process, show the baby pictures with the written word, and then repeat together. This method is good because two types of memory are involved at once: visual and auditory.

If there is no way to work with cards, go to the bathroom together and start learning right on the spot, naming everything that surrounds you in this room. Believe me, this moment can be made very fun, so that the child himself will actively learn a foreign language with great pleasure.

In addition to flashcards or a visual example, you can learn bathroom wordswith the help of audio materials. Today, both for sale and freely available on the Internet, there are many good records that will help you in learning a foreign language. Turn on the recordings and follow the instructions of the announcer. Try to listen to foreign speech as much as possible and try to understand at least the general meaning - at the initial stage this will be enough.

If you are learning a foreign language with a child, it is helpful to discuss and review what you have learned together. To do this, it is not at all necessary to sit down at the table and tune in to study. You can remember new words both while walking and watching TV - the main thing is that the learning process is continuous and varied. Otherwise, the kid will lose interest in him, and forcing him to learn through force is bad and very difficult.

After learning the words for bathroom, move on to the next room. So gradually you will replenish your vocabulary and be able to easily name everything that surrounds you at home. And since we already know everything at home, it's time to move on, expanding your vocabulary and comprehending new sections of learning a foreign language!