Today, every self-respecting person should know at least one foreign language. You may not know how to spell words correctly, the main thing is that you would be able to understand the interlocutor (foreigner) and be able to convey the necessary information to him. And in this case, first of all, a good vocabulary is needed.

Learning about a thousand foreign words from scratch may seem like an impossible task. The easiest way out is learning by cards! Using this method, you can study any subject. For example, in this article, you and I will consider words on the topic of transport with translation into all languages of the world. It will be much easier to reveal the topic of transport in the form of a game or visualization, and not by means of standard memorization of plain text.

For more convenient learning, we have taken into account all the necessary nuances. The learning process was made similar to a game, which is associated with a pleasant pastime, and not a burden. For the maximum assimilation of words on the topic of transport, we have allocated it to a separate category, where all attention is directed to the disclosure of transport topics.

We study words on the topic: Transport

Once you start learning the words of the transport theme, you will be able to find many cards here that will come in handy. You need a partner to study. He will say words in Russian, and you will show pictures in a foreign language. If the word you name is incorrect, then the partner must give a hint.

Words that you could not remember   from the first time, must be repeated with a partner over and over until you learn all the words about transport.

Using this method, you can easily remember many words in a short amount of time. This happens due to the fact that visual memory and partial cramming will be involved at the same time, but in a milder form. Now there is no need to collect the translation of words from different sites. They are all already collected in one place - here (!

To check the level of how well you can learn a list of words on the topic "transport" - there is a very good way. Its essence is to choose the appropriate picture, named partner, thing. You can increase the difficulty by limiting the time and the lack of hints from your partner.

For scrupulous people - we suggest keeping detailed statistics of correct and incorrect answers. Thanks to it, you will be able to determine which words you need to learn better, and what percentage of words you did well.

This method is suitable for people of any age. From children to pensioners - there are no age restrictions here. The atmosphere of the game will be interesting for young readers, and the detailed disclosure of the topic of transport will be useful for the older category of our readers.

So, if you suddenly wanted to learn a lot of foreign words in record time and quite comfortably (without overworking yourself), then the card method will be like a magic wand for you. Important: all information is absolutely free!