Entertaining geometry for kids.

If you think that school subjects like math or geometry are boring and not interesting for children, then try introducing your child to geometric shapes with the help of our teaching aids - your opinion will change dramatically!

Teaching materials are prepared by experienced teachers. In a playful way, your child will learn different types of shapes and be able to distinguish between them. In a soft and unobtrusive environment, children are taught the basics of geometry. The school curriculum will not seem boring to the child if he feels interest in sorting and folding objects. He will perceive tasks as entertaining puzzles, which will facilitate the process of studying geometric shapes, names and characteristics of objects.

Child psychology is such that a child perceives this world through sensations and emotions. If any process causes a negative reaction, then this may affect subsequent learning. Teachers who worked on the preparation of educational materials tried to take this fact into account. An interesting and fun learning experience for children will help them determine type of shape: rectangle, square, triangle, circle, polygon.

We measure children's perception with the educational material that we are going to give as a manual on geometry. Do not immediately teach children the complexities of this science. It is enough to lay a solid foundation in the form of simple skills, such as: the ability to determine the type of figure, know its name and distinguish it from other geometric objects.

On our website you can find comprehensive information for your child to study school subjects. At what age should you start teaching your child? From the moment when he begins to perceive the world around him and contact with it. For example, when a baby crumples or tears paper, he is already beginning to form concepts about the shape of objects. Using the help of our site, you can help your child understand the basics of geometry, and interesting programs and techniques will make this process fun and exciting.