School supplies in different languages of the world.

I am sure that many of the readers of our site ( remember their carefree childhood. Just remember how you compared with classmates who had a better pencil case, or longer pencils. I remember there were even pencil cases with buttons that, when pressed, opened the necessary departments. It would seem that all these trinkets now have absolutely no meaning, and it is even difficult now to understand why the children are so worried that their portfolio is not as beautiful as that of a neighbor at their desk. Of course, now we have different values, and the goals are different, but now I propose to study all the words about the school office in all languages of the world. At least the ones that J was able to prepare.

So, let's start learning words on a school topic directly. Learning the names of school supplies is actually more fun than you might think. I know that many at this moment may think that this is a school, or rather, what is connected with it, and how can this be interesting at all? There will be no secrets here, interactive applications will help us in everything, which we will provide on our website from time to time. On our pages we have collected a detailed list of words on the school theme. Having studied which you can easily discuss your school years with a foreign citizen in an easy conversation J.

Let's learn words about school and about school.

Let's remember with you our past school sets. These kits included everything you need to study. From the beginning, we wanted to limit ourselves to a pencil case and everything that our schoolchildren usually find there, but then we decided to expand this topic and replenished our set with additional words. Now our list of school words includes almost everything that any student deals with in an educational institution. So let's be patient and start learning the list of words about school in various languages of the world.

And the most difficult thing was to choose what kind of school set your child needs. Some of these kits are beautiful and useful, but cost space money. And some are cheap, but anything is included in their composition. And this is the main disadvantage of such sets. As well as sets in principle. To be more precise, everything could be fine in the set, but one or two things “spoiled the whole picture”, and it was necessary to take the whole set or not take it at all. These sets could contain almost everything related to the school, just a whole, after all, many product names were borrowed by Slavs from abroad. Although, of course, one must agree that there are positive aspects in these sets. The main one is quite a significant saving of your time. After all, even if you buy all school supplies separately, but through an online store, it will take a couple of hours. And I bought a set, and everything that is needed for study is already selected in it. Sometimes you can even not ask your child about what he needs, but simply give him by the first of September, such a present. Of course, the child will not be very happy with him, this is still for school, and not for entertainment. But he will be pleased that his parents took care of him and now it will be more convenient for him to gnaw on the not tasty granite of science.