Now we will try another rather good method of learning foreign languages - this is to write or read a story in which there is a whole list of words on the topic of home. The story is designed and divided into two parts. So that you were able to compare your knowledge before and after. And notice a significant difference.

So, part 1 of the story:

My grandparents decided to start a family in 1981. At that time, the Soviet Union still existed. A great advantage of those times was that young couples could get an apartment for free from the state. Although almost all of them looked similar to each other - they were built with quality and conscientiousness. The government did the same to my relatives - they got a nice three-room apartment in a residential area of the city. Although the grandmother did not really like that area.

I have: three rooms, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and balcony. When you enter my home, you will immediately see a long living room where you can find many closets and huge windows.

The kitchen is on the right. Our kitchen is small, but it is very convenient. There you can find all the appliances you need in a modern kitchen: a refrigerator, a gas stove, a microwave oven, a food processor, a mixer, a coffee maker, and so on. There is also modern furniture - a kitchen table and four chairs. The walls are decorated with embroidered paintings. Thanks to the large window, the kitchen is always filled with sunlight. My family prefers to spend time in the kitchen because it is the warmest and most comfortable place in our apartment.

After walking down the corridor, you will get to the living room. My grandfather's favorite corner is in this part of the apartment. He likes to rest there. Namely, lying on the couch and watching TV. On the right side of the room there are many wardrobes for clothes and books. On the left side there is a sofa, two armchairs and a coffee table between them, as well as a large TV in front of the sofa. The large window and balcony in this room are drowned in wonderful plants that my mother loves so much.

List of words on the topic: House in all languages of the world

To be precise, the words presented below "illuminate" all the major languages of the world. This is done for your convenience, so that you have a choice of which language to learn. The list of words on the topic "House" is huge, despite its simple theme, so during the study you will be able to see old words that no longer occur in modern conversation.

Learning words related to the house is not as difficult as you think - because it is easier to visualize them because the subjects of study surround us all the time.

Part 2 of the story:

A children's room is located next to the living room. It used to be my sister's room and mine. But when my sister started living separately, this room became completely mine. This room is the smallest in the apartment, but this does not reduce its dignity. It has a wardrobe, a sofa, a bookcase, a desk with a computer on it, a dressing table, a fluffy carpet on the floor, posters on the walls and indoor plants on the windowsill.

The bathroom is painted blue, and the bathtub and sink are light yellow. Our towels and robes are different colors, and the carpet is blue. So when you get to the bathroom, you get the feeling that you are inside a rainbow.

There is very little space in the toilet. Apart from the toilet and a small chest of drawers, there is nothing else nearby.
So, we move to the last room in the apartment. This is my grandparents' room. The necessary furniture includes a double bed, two bedside tables and a large wardrobe. This room is in warm colors, so it is always nice to relax there, reading or watching the TV that is fixed on the wall. This room has a second balcony.

As they say, "My home is my fortress." Our apartment is the same fortress for me. And I will not exchange this warm, soulful corner for any other!

Rooms are called differently in all languages of the world. What unites these names in all languages is the sense of comfort associated with this place. Good luck in your studies!