Calendar for the little ones. Learning the names of the 12 months of the year with children.

Your child has already begun to notice the change of seasons, but school textbooks are still far away? Then welcome to our developing site! You are absolutely right if you think that you need to study with a child for 12 months & nbsp; before the age of 7 when he goes to school. This entertaining process can begin as early as 3-4 years. It is at this age that children notice the change in weather conditions and how you dress them depending on them.

Your child will learn by playing for twelve months, because the material of our site is aimed at making the kids explore the world around them with fun and pleasure and start learning its basics. We wanted the calendar to be interesting and fun to explore. To do this, when compiling methodological recommendations, we were guided by the experience of leading teachers. We tried to bring together a lot of knowledge from generations and offer you the best methods that will most effectively work on the development of children's horizons.

If you are interested in learning the name month in Ukrainian, then we provide this opportunity. The teaching materials were compiled by colleagues for whom Ukrainian is a second native language, so you should not worry about the quality of learning. Everyone knows that babies perceive different languages very well during the period when they learn to speak. Therefore, we propose to immediately expand children's perception and study the name of the month of the year with your child in foreign languages. Through games and fun videos, your child will soon be able to say the name of the month in English. Global manufacturers often compile information and instructions in English, so knowing the basics of this language will not be superfluous. We made learning as easy as possible for children's perception. By studying the calendar, we also develop memory. Various funny poems and songs are easily perceived by children; at the same time, the names of the months, their characteristics and distinctive features are memorized. Having realized the change of seasons, the child will more easily understand the world around him and take the next steps to study it.

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