How can I help my child learn the time of day?

Sooner or later, every parent wonders how to teach their child to understand the time of day. It is difficult for a child to understand what “evening” or “morning” means. Your task is to explain these concepts to the child.

In kindergartens, they use whole complex programs called “Learning the Times of the Day” for children, but if your baby does not go to preschool, then you need to teach him to understand when morning comes and when evening.

First of all, you must tell that the time of day for the inhabitants of our planet consists of 4 segments of time, that is, morning, afternoon, evening and night. In order to make it clearer to the baby what you are telling him about, come up with a special game for him - time of day in pictures.


time of day - Night

At night, all living things sleep soundly in order to gain strength for a new day. The sun is hiding somewhere far beyond the horizon and there is impenetrable darkness around.


 time of day - Morning

When morning comes, the alarm clock rings loudly in the apartment, which notifies all family members that it is time to wake up. The sun is just beginning to peek over the horizon and wakes up all living things in the area with its bright rays. Wake up in the morning and carefully make your bed. After that, you need to go to wash and brush your teeth, while mom prepares breakfast for the whole family.


time of day - Evening

When evening comes, the sun goes down below the horizon, and it gets cooler outside. At this time of day, you can watch a beautiful sunset in red and yellow colors. Plants, animals and people are getting ready for bed. They have dinner, take water procedures and prepare for tomorrow.


time of day - Day

At this time of day, the sun rises very high. During the day, children play outside, after which they go to dinner, and the kids are supposed to take a nap. Schoolchildren return home after school, sit down for lunch and do their homework.

Invented game "Time of the day - pictures for kids" will help you quickly teach your baby such concepts that will soon be useful to him in life. In addition, the learning process will be fun and not difficult at all.